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ENGAGE360 is the full service TURN-KEY event planner you have been looking for. Custom events & programs, conferences, trade shows, hospitality trips, employee incentives and more, we have you covered!



Designing an engaging LIVE conference that conveys critical information to your delegates can be super challenging to implement successfully. Your conference should should not only entertain and inspire, but should also captivate your attendees by bringing your message to life. 

Trade Shows

From creating visually stunning exhibits to leveraging strategic insights, our partnership not only guarantees a captivating showcase, but also unlocks unique opportunities to engage with the target audience. We like to utilize cutting edge technology that leaves lasting impact and drive tangible results. 

Employee Engagement

Reward and engage employees by creating special events for staff boosts morale, improve team dynamics, and create a positive work culture.

Product Launch

Nothing is more exciting than launching your very own brand/new product and unveiling for all to see! You'll want an event that shines the right light on your innovation and gives everyone involved a great impression of the product and your brand. Your product launch needs to meet expectations, as at the end of the day, a successful launch can pave the way for the success of your new brand or product. 


Personalized design via in-house agency-style support

Leverage insights from our experiential agency to develop fresh and unexpected solutions, immerse attendees in your brand, connect them to your story, and deliver the moments that matter.

We can help:

Expertise in 2D, 3D, environmental, user interface, and content design

  • Broadcast-quality video content

  • A comprehensive content strategy

  • Maximized creativity in facilitated working and brainstorming sessions

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