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Every successful event – from campaigns and conferences to retail and tradeshows – starts with discovery, strategy, and design. We transform insights into creative productions, ensuring a consistent and experiential expression of your brand across all platforms, from print to web.


Design & Development

We blend strategy, creative branding, and innovative design solutions to engage audiences and foster memorable brand interactions. Our designs for trade shows and events are rich with visually stunning deliverables that act as strategic tools to inspire action, drive conversions, and bolster your brands presence. 

Interface & Experience

Our designs for event experiences and collateral enable companies to articulate their culture and foster genuine customer interactions. By converting analytics and digital insights into tangible experiences, we drive brand immersion and cultivate brand advocacy.


Identity & Strategy

Every design element, from layout and color to form and factor, plays a critical role. We ensure that graphical elements and layouts not only compliment, but also reflect your company’s culture and innovation. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of trade show/event graphics, catering to diverse industries.

Print & Digital

Visual communications, both print and digital, are essential for a holistic event campaign. We offer a full suite of services, including brochures, invitations, presentation folders, badges, signage, catalogs, advertising, and website design, to ensure a unified brand presence.




Flyer/Brochure Design

An efficient and brand-cohesive flyer design will help event-goers decide if they can (and want to) attend your event or learn more about it. This requires:

  • Legible Text

  • Key Information

  • Visual Hierarchy 

  • Clear & Concise Call to Action

  • On Brand

Website Landing Page

Marketing is an integral part of the event planning process. It’s what spreads the word about an upcoming event and generates excitement. It’s also what inspires your target audience to learn more about your event and maybe even purchase tickets. Key traits of your landing page:

  • Captivating Headline and Tagline

  • Engaging, Inclusive Visuals

  • A Compelling Event Overview

  • Specify Key Event Details

  • Offer a Quick and Simple Registration Process

  • Highlight Speaker and Presenter Information

  • Sponsor and Exhibitor Information


Day-of Signage

Signage elements ensure the correct development of our event, and also helps your attendees to feel at ease in the venue. Signage specifying the name of each space will help the flow of attendees and will provide them orientation on the locations of the different activities that will take place during the event.

  • Prioritizing legibility

  • Avoiding visual clutter

  • Creating balance between text and graphics 

  • Including appropriately contrasting colors

  • Bold and simple fonts

  • Staying true to your brands message 

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